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Inspire Her Podcast – Episode 17 with Farin Doran

Something BIG just happened and I am here to tell you all about it! If you have ever wonder what if, this episode is for you. You can follow me all over:https://www.facebook.com/farin.doranwww.instagram.com/farindoranhttps://www.instagram.com/inspireherpodcast/ Want to be featured on the next podcast or know someone you think would be great?  Fill out this quick form:https://forms.gle/9jfKBdXLrZA3vidx6 Stay tuned…

Inspire Her Podcast – Episode 16 with Melissa Bona

Melissa is the owner of MINT & MAJOR and she is giving you all the inspiration to dream big, never settle and go for your goals! You are going to LOVE this podcast! You can follow Melissa here:Mint & Major Website: https://www.mintandmajor.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/mintandmajor/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mintandmajor/ Want to be featured on the next podcast or know someone…

Inspire Her Podcast – Episode 12 with Farin Doran

I am so excited to tell you a little story and help inspire you to be the person that makes someone smile, changes their day and inspires others. Together, we can inspire HER. Tag me @farindoran when you do this, when you listen and if this resonates with you and let’s change the world! https://www.facebook.com/farin.doranwww.instagram.com/farindoranhttps://www.instagram.com/inspireherpodcast/…