The Doran’s Are Officially Homeschooling in 2020-2021

August 16, 2020

The Doran’s are officially a HOMESCHOOL family!!!! 😁📚

We are trading normal school days for more pool days, field trips and family time 💕

We have thought about this decision for awhile…
And we feel insanely lucky and blessed that we are able to stay home with the kids more and be able to give them a super cool homeschool experience.

With the uncertainty of schools…
We thought now is a better time than ever to take our kids traveling, learn together, experience nature, history and explore. 🏕🏝

This isn’t our forever plan…
But it’s our plan right now. 

We have BIG goals for this family 
And the kids are excited for the journey and to share here in this blog!

We are taking ANY and ALL advice from you homeschool mommas (and poppas) 🤗

We can use all we can get!! 🙌🏼

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